Ok, so my December shopping spree of toys is finally over. Here is what I have bought this past month in total.
Luna Vachon, Zeus, Roddy Piper (Entrance Great), Deluxe Bret Hart (closed mouth), Deluxe S3 Undertaker, Mattel Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mattel Rick Martel, Mattel Dusty Rhoads, Jesse Ventura (S25 Wm 7-8 attire)), Gorilla Monsoon (red jacket), Mattel Ultimate Warrior (WM6 attire), Deluxe Snitsky to make a custom Warlord and/or Sid Justice, Warlord, Warlord Custom Outfit, leather jacket for bret hart, gold necklace for Razor Ramon or Hulk Hogan,

I almost bought neca Robo Cop and a Mortal Kombat Raiden, but I didnt want to over spend =(

That's what I bought figure and accessories wise. I also bought Rechargeable batteries for my camera to ensure shooting my upcoming stop motions wont get interupted. I also got ink and paper for my printer to print out WWF banners to go above my ring. And of course I got cloths, gift cards and stuff like that. Today should be receiving Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the 360! I'm very excited. I played the crap out of the 1st one. If you have that game, please add my gamer tag "Markmageddon"

Just a heads up, I plan on selling Ring mats to go around real scale rings. $7.99 for a set of 10 or 12, I haven't decided on the final cost or quantity yet though, so it could change. I will be selling them right here on my blog. I'm in the process of setting up a merchant account through google, or I might do the paypal way, I just haven't figured out how to apply the pages onto my blog. I'll definitely b advertising it once its all up and ready to go.

There has been a last minuet change as to who the commentators will be for the full length stop motion match. originally I was shooting Bobby Heenan and Vince. But my voices arnt close enough to them as I thought I could do, So I might change it do Gorilla Monsoon and jesse ventura. Jess Ventura I can definitely do very well. and for gorilla I found a audio filter that's sounds like him when I talk through it. Vince I can do well when he is screaming, but not casual talk.
Finally, please remember to thumb up my private exclusive videos here if you can. Thank you. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, btw, I will be prepping Zeus's Review very soon. I might also work on Dinosaurs Earl Sinclaire and an Ultimate Warrior review soon as well. (Warrior's will be Blog Exclusive since I will be reviewing 2 warriors without box)(Mattel and Jakks) Deluxe Undertaker review will also be coming. Maybe even before I do Ultimate Warriors. I don't know. Rest assured, LOTS of reviews are coming. It would be nice if I could get back to doing 1 or 2 reviews every week.


By Request - How I open my toys


Luna Vachon Review

Wow, It's hard to belive that it has been 6 months since my last review? It definitly shows. My editing and general quality is a little sloppy in this one. Sorry.

I guess this is my little Xmas gift to you all. A review! right before Christmas! Enjoy!

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Not shown in this video as a possible review would be Jakks Deluxe old school Undertaker and I.R.S as I am bidding on them and will get them soon.

Also please do not forget to rate and comment. The more comments and ratings I get, the more content I will push out since my efforts will seem worth it then if people are rating and what not.

Thank you all for watching. You guys rock! See you in the new year!

WWE/WWF Rare LUNA VACHON Classic Superstars 13 Jakks Pacific 2006 HD Action Figure Review

Which WWE Action Figure should I review next? VOTE!

Which WWE action figure should I review next?

  • "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Entrance Greats
  • Zeus
  • "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (Mattel)
  • Deluxe Bret Hart (S.7 closed mouth)
    Deluxe Bret Hart (S.7 closed mouth)
  • Deluxe Undertaker (S.3)
    Deluxe Undertaker (S.3)
  • I.R.S irwin r schyster (Availability subject to change)
    I.R.S irwin r schyster (Availability subject to change)
  • Adam Bomb (availability subject to change)
    Adam Bomb (availability subject to change)


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Which WWE Figures should I get next? VOTE!

Hey everyone! I am about halfway done getting my ideal WWF Roster together. Now thru the next couple months, I will be buying nothing but WWE Figures So I can hurry up and finish the roster to not only review, but put into stop motions! =)

Lets start with 10 since that's the max number I can do for this poll. I will list figures that do not need any clothing or any add on stuff, I can enjoy and use the figure as-is.

btw I hope to be done collecting WWF figures by March or April.

List is in no particular order


Which WWF Figures Should I Focus on getting next?
Adam Bomb
I.R.S Irwin R. Schyster
Kamala (Mattel)
Mr. Perfect (Mattel)
Rick Martel (Mattel)
Macho King Ringside Exclusive (Mattel)
Ultimate Warrior (mattel legends 6)
Dusty Rhoads (Probably matell over jakks)
Bastion Booger
Undertaker (Jakks Deluxe)
= see results =



Hey everyone! =) I just thought I'd give a little update. First I want to thank Youtube user SSBARDOCK75 for being soo generous and donating $20.00 to me. Thank you soo much! It's nice to know people  still care for one another! Check out his page! He will be doing some stop motions eventually. I gave him some stop motion making tips since he donated, so hopefully they wont turn out too bad lol. I will be giving you credit in a commercial style way in my future WWF stop motion by saying somewhere in the video "This episode is brought to you in part by ----SSBARDOCK75!" And that goes for anyone who wants credit or to advertise/sponsorship and what not. If you donate, I will mention you somehow, someway. And I can pay you back in many unexpected ways, or simply just cash back. Message me for more details.
           I have been purchasing alot of WWF/WWE figures lately. I have bought. Deluxe Bret Hart (closed mouth), Luna Vachon, Zeus, Entrance Great Roddy Piper, and Mattel Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I might get one review posted this month, if not, LOTS of videos will be coming in January. My personal Deadline for the first full length WWF stop motion is Jan 16th.  PAPA SHANGO VS SID JUSTICE
    I wont be reviewing every wwe figure after another. I will try to add the Dinosaurs Earl Sinclair or X-MEN review in between somewhere so it doesn't seem like I am selling out to WWE reviews.I am just simply trying to hurry up and finish collecting my ideal WWF Roster. After Christmas I will be continuing to working on this. I have also been "eyeing" the Hasbro line of WWF toys. I came soo close to buying a brand new Hulk Hogan and got outbid at the last second.
      I have been watching some DBZ, Batman, Ghostbusters, Thundercats and Power Rangers stuff. So watch out.I may get lucky. Alot of DBZ stuff is REALLY expensive now though =(
     I guess that's about it. oh, btw I have not received not even 1 comment on my behind the scenes video "making the montage". Any reason to this? come on guys! if I don't get comments, I feel there is no reason to make such a video. That goes for any video I make. It's the main reason I haven't done a part 2 of my TMNT stop motion. there is just not a high demand for it. or people arnt leaving comments. you know?
     I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! Merry Christmas! TTYL bye =)


Behind the Scenes WWF Stop Motion "Making the First Montage"

Hi everyone =)  So, Blogspots video upload feature SUCKS! It almost NEVER works! So I am just going to post from Youtube (private video listings) That way it's easier for me, and the video/audio quality will not suffer. (except for this one since I dont feel like waiting to upload a 1.3 gb video, this is a SVCD 300mb version)
        I had a little fun doing these behind the scenes, quick videos. I should just use my main good camera next time though. The mic and video quality on my old nikkon cool pix isn't that great at all. Hard to believe that's how I made the majority of my videos with that camera years ago. Or that's how it all kinda started.
        I will try to make these behind the scenes videos better quality overall next time around, not just video quality but like, in-video stuff. Instead of having my camera face my computer screen. Real live motion capture software. I'll try to show you step by step and talk in better detail of certin things. I still don't wanna give tooooo much away though.
       Anyway. Questions? Comments? Leave them below. You don't even have to be a member to leave a question or comment. Or I think you can click this video and leave comments on yotuube. So, Type away =)   and be sure to come back here regularly. I will actually get paid a little bit for visitors and subscribers here! =)   I promise I will make it worth your while!. Thank you!

Also I am always accepting donations. If you find any tips within this video usefull. a small donation would be much appreciated! =) I'm still struggling very much. A decision for being accepted for SS payments will be made no later than febuary they tell me. If I get accepted. I will no longer have to pan handle. I should be able to take care of myself from then on. If I get denied however, We'll, than I'm facing homlessness again =(


Behind the scenes video and 1989 Summerslam Stop motion Trailer

I forgot to mention  The other day, I actually was working on  a trailer to the 1989 Summerslam theme and partial video but my computer was getting all funky and non-responsive.
And THEN I tried working on my behind the scenes videos. It was about 7 video entries or so and ended up being around 15 min long. and again, my computer was being unresponsive. This video will be interesting to all you who are eager to start your own stop motions and always asking me what software I use/camera and how I do this, and how I do that. In this video I give away ALOT! probably more than I should say since I don't want anyone copying me anytime soon lol.  But its a long video, so you gotta watch it all to get the most info out of it haha!

I have fixed the reasons why my computer was crapping out, so getting those two videos up early this  week will not be a problem. The trailer will be on my stop motion channel Legendofmetal777, and the behind the scenes video will be here.

Eventually, I will probably have to make a video making everyone aware of this blog and what they are missing again. I somehow need to get a good chunk of subscribers here. I actually get paid a little when people come here believe it or not! =)

Well I guess that is it for tonight. Thank you everyone for everything. You make my day-everyday. Your feedback and support really hits me in the heart. Take care. See you in the coming week!  Special thanks to youtube user SSBardock75! he's soo kind , he's gonna send me a money order! THANK YOU!!!! and for good measure, here is another entrance pic, You might see this one often. I'm gonna put a watermark over it, so no one can green screen and use it for themselves just yet lol.
I will probably add real cloth to the entrance. I will also need to spruce up/fix/ and tape the peices of paper that came loose from storage. All these peices wer in SOO much better shape before I had to leave it and move to florida.
I got TONS of entrance pics. Many needed to be taken under different lighting and I had to carefully select which ones I think I can make look the most realistic to the old school wwf matches.


I'm still planning on making some actual official WWF stop motion trailers. Hopefully I'll get to it early next week. I'm kinda going through a rough time right now. I wanna go out with a bang before anything bad happens (if it does). That means trailers and all. PLUS if my life is about to take a really bad turn again sooner than expected. I might as well just do the Papa Shango vs Sid Justice match right now, this month.
       Shit I might as well explain. Any day now I'm expecting to get an answer from social security if I get accepted or not for disability payments. Meaning, If I get turned down, My parents wont be chipping in for rent nor a service through the county and I will have absolutely no way of paying rent, and I will be homeless yet once again. =(  
            My health continues to get worse and worse and I can't work enough to pay the rent or sometimes I wonder if I can work at all! I've had to call an ambulance twice in 2 weeks because I have trouble breathing every night, but these particular days wer worse and I couldn't breath for about 2 hours each time grasping my chest and cant let go. How am I suppose to work when I cant even breath!? and every day if I cant breath, I'm in pain, or I have a combination of the two. The meds I'm on hardly feel like I'm taking anything (except in the morning my meds do help a little). At least one day a week I have to use a cane and/or wear a neck brace. I already have a handicap placard for my car and rightfully use it everyday as it is hard to most times get in and out of a vehicle. When I went to Walmart two weeks ago, I had to use the electric scooter to get around. It was very embaressing and sad. It was very akward passing an elderly couple in there 80's walking just fine and there I am in my late 20's with my cane in a cart of an electric scooter wearing a neck brace with my face showing i'm in agony.
             Emotionally this is all very hard for me. Ever since My mom kicked me out I feel like my parents have just been paying me to stay away. meanwhile I'm being punished it seems when I spend there money on food when iIout of food stamp money. My own mother is sick of her handicapped son. My father-oblivious to my health. I have had to bounce a check in order to get my meds because he wouldn't let me borrow money. His exact words wer " never bounce a check!, I don't care HOW bad you need your meds". Which pretty much says to me, go fuck yourself and your health , I don't care for you.
    Wow this is more like a journal entry. I better just shut up now. But let me tell you this first =)   (who eve is reading this anyway) no matter how bad shit is, I always try to look on the bright side, and I NEVER loose my sense of humor. It's a shame that the really, REALLY bad things can happen to the most kind and innocent of people example (me*) I am positive that one day I will find my easy street. I have never doubted that one day I will live a life of luxury or possibly win the lottery and have millions of dollars. Total financial freedom. When that day comes, I can give everyone the finger, change my last name, and move on. (Actually I would resesitate my family, buy them cars and houses and make sure they are set and ok. THEN I can leave them. Never look back, except for maybe on the holidays or if my future children absolutely HAVE to see or want to see there grandparents and uncles.
   Wish me luck! oh and one last thing. You know how you go to the grocery store and you see the salvation army donation buckets and you put money in them? well here is a donation button, put your money here instead PLEASE!! Out of fear that I will become homeless. If I don't become homeless and you donated, I can either pay you back, or keep the money and give a shout out in a video and put the money towards an action figure or toy to use in a stop motion or review, or both. Thank you to who ever reads this! (and especially if you donate) thank you and good night  . Btw This is my entrance. Like it? =)  Lighting will be better for an actual match. This is just a quick pic.



I posted the first "montage" instead of trailer, Its late. Im going to bed. Tomorrow I will make actual trailers and trv spots or what ever and make more scenes look pretty and have finishing touches. I will talk more about this video tomorrow to. all in good time. So, for now, just enjoy the video =) Please remember to like or thumbs up to please


I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! =)

After about 5-6 days worth of work, I am finally done shooting everything I need in order to make my teaser/trailer/promo, what ever you wanna call it. Now I just have to throw it all together! =)   every WWF figure I own (over 30) is in some type of quick scene. The teaser will be very much like the 1993 superstars opening or late 80's main event intro or 1989 summerslam intro.. I plan to have the official trailer up on youtube and here of course within 3 or so days. Check back here over the next couple days. maybe even tonight for behind the scenes and cool pics. Oh and btw, I have won 2 very very rare figures on ebay. Luna Vachon and Zeus! Luna Vachon Usually goes for around, I'd say about $50. I got her because some day i'd like to have a match of her against sherri fighting over shawn. or have a match of shawn with sherri vs Bam Bam and luna, and possibly build a story from that. Zues, is hardly ever on ebay  except for this week of course. and he usually goes for about 60 as well. I am not that familiar with him. Kinda before my time. But from what I've seen from him so far, He very much reminds me of Sid Justice. So, I had to get him. Maybe I will have a stop motion where they team up. Who knows.


Working Consistantly on WWF stop motion

Just in case anyone is following this. I have been working consistantly on the WWF stop motion project. 3 days in a row. The more I do, the more im excited to work on it more!  Today I worked on, and pretty much finishe the Sid Justice Promo. (Sid talking about how Papa Shango got in the way of winning against hogan at wrestlemania.) I will post more progress pics and vids  when I finalize things a bit more. Right now I have to Factory preset my computer since some of my video effect filters arnt loading and also some have reverted back to trial period for some reason. Nothing will stop me from finishing this project now! ive been planning how to do certin parts  for soo long now! ive attempted starting this project two times already over the past 2 years! and now it's finally happening. I'm very excited and cant wait for the finished product. Oh I'm also recording behind the scenes each day to for the fun of it.


Day 1 shooting WWF Stop Motion

Today I finally did some work on my upcoming WWF Stop motion. I Shot Vince MccMahon and Bobby Heenan doing the introduction bit and also Sid Justice doing his promo bit challenging papa shango, and also took Vs Match pics of sid and shango. Here are some attached pics so you can see the quality. Just so you know. the arena crowd will be green screened behind bobby and Vince. and the pics of Papa Shango and Sid will be cut and you will only see the figure and not my wall.

crowd will be behind bobby and vince

a generic grey parterned background will be behind sid


Petty issues

I keep running into problems doing the WWF stop motions. First I needed a glue stick to fix my crowd as it was a little beat upfrom being in storage while I was in Florida. So I got a glue stick, and fixed my crowd. The I realized I needed a 12 outlet surge protector for my lights. (still havnt gotten but I think I think I can just use an extension cord with 3 outlets. Then I start messing with my computer doing some tech tests you could call it. and I find out one of my special fx softwares has reverted back to trail version which, if used, would have a big ass water mark over the video. I cant have that obviusly. this software was pirated originally. shh...dont tell anyone. I googled how to fix it, and I tried using my nerd skills as well with no luck. apparently the only way to fix it, is to facotry restore my computer AGAIN!!!! god I hate doing it. SO time consuming. SO I still need to do that. Then for fun, I tried doing some voice acting for the intro being vince mcman "HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN WELCOME T THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION I"M YOUR HOST VINCE MCMAN AND WITH ME IS NONE OTHER THAN BOBBY THE BRAIN HEENAN!!!!!!!!!!!"        and then I couldnt figure out why the volume of my voice was extremly loud on playback and I couldnt get it to a moderate level of volume for some reason. So, tomorrow I have to work on that as well. Thank god I still have plenty of long crowd noises and mat sound fx and other sound fx ready to go. no problems there.
    Meanwhile, I was trying to get my hands on an ultimate warrior. I couldnt decide if I wanted a jakks or mattel version (wrestlemania 6-7 look facing hogan)  then one night randomly browsing ebay I came across a deluxe series 7 Bret Hart with a price under $15 at the time and the auction was closing fast. I absolutly had to jump on that and I placed a bid and won. This figure usually goes for $50-70. and I had returnd my bret hart vs yokozuna 2 pack, so I needed a bret hart anyway. I'll still need to buy a custom leather jacket and get some glasses for him as well.
 Back to the voice work though, it was actually my first attempt doing Vince's voice out loud. I thought I could do him flawlessly, but it still doesnt sound bad. I definitly cant do bobby, but I can eaasily do jesse ventura I practiced that outloud. but I want bobby in this stop motion because I have a few funny things for him to do and say. So anyway...there is my little up date. My room will remain re-arranged until this stop motion is made. So, in a way, that is forcing me to do this video, cuz its not comfortable the way my room is right now. I have to do this video.
   oh and btw if anyone is feeling generouse.....here is me digitally panhandling. Please help a disabled person with no income! I quite smoking, I quite drinking and I still have no money! Please help! I can maybe even pay you back. Thank you! and god bless!


Quitting smoking

After 14 years of smoking cigarettes, I belive I can finally kick the habit. I am using the nicoderm transdermal patch. I have been on it 3 whole days now, and I intend to go all the way! To all smokers out there thinking of quitting, I can say that this patch is working very well for me, and I highly recomment it. It also gives you very awesome lucid dreams if you apply it before bed! =)  Im very eager to save $70 bucks a month/ and $840 a year.

X-MEN (TAS) Unreleased Music " Left Them Behind" --Raw---

Can someone please help me clean this up!?

Selling stuff on Ebay and Amazon

I'm trying to raise money to pay off my xbox on layaway so, I'm selling a couple things on ebay if anyone is interested.

Original TMNT cel art $15

Captain Planet German Variant $10

Lights and Sounds Tonka Police cars (was going to use in a X-Men stop motion but I decided to go with different style police cars. These things wer 15-20 bucks each brand new. get all 3 for starting at $10
Toy tank $8   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330571620705&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
If anyone plays guitar. Cables & misc Lot starting at .99 cents
Sorry I have nothing cooler im willing to part with at this time lol
I also have some things for sale on amazon such as 4 of my 14" sentinel playsets and a couple other things. Both my seller names are the same for ebay and amazon "Legendofmetal777"


X-Men The Animated Series Unreleased Music "What is this place"

Well...It's Time I get back to X-MEN stuff. Just As I went through all DBZ Seasons and TMNT seasons to get screen caps and with TMNT I also went through it all to edit together unreleased music. So now I'm finally going through all X-Men episodes getting screen caps for future stop motions and collecting bits and pieces of unreleased music to put together.

Here is the first piece of background music I ran into and what I edited together.It's pretty clean natrually but there are a couple sound fx in the background I dont know how to get rid of. I sent a message to Youtube user coycoy88 to see if he could help me with my gatherings so he could hopefully make a final version with little to no background soud fx.  Enjoy the Raw edit for now. More raw edits will soon come.



This Sunday 5/15 is my 27th birthday! YAY!!!!!!!!! =)  I'm just gonna leave this donation button here if anyone is feeling generous =)

It would also help me get out of poverty, or help me buy toys to review, or help me put a new xbox on layaway so we can play together =) wouldn't that be cool? =) thanks in advance to any donators! (if any)

The Mummy Electronic 12" Rock O'Connell Action Figure Review

I guess blogger doesnt accept widescreen HD videos??? The original video was about 700mb widescreen HD. After 7 errors. I decided to make a DVD Size file and that didnt upload either. So finally,,,here is a full screen SVCD version crappy 68mb video lol beware of low quality... =(
Btw I did put this figre up on amazon for $24.99 to anyone wo is interested


Old Captain Planet review I did in 2009 got deleted by youtube

Hey everyone, I found an old review I did of a german variant Captain Planet in 2009. It got deleted by youtube because of the theme song. This was a horrible review and this is also before I got my new camera..beware of low quality lol


Collection Pics

Hey Everyone. So this is about 93% of my collection. I still have one small box in storage of turtle stuff. and all acessories are still in zip lock baggies (excluding some turtles) and bubbles and cards are in boxes. It doesnt look like much, but keep in mind i've also sold some things. Check out my previous blog of my figure inventory to see what your looking at. Take care.

The little bins is where i'm keeping most weapons and acessories

Got most of my bubbles and cards in these boxes