Ok, so my December shopping spree of toys is finally over. Here is what I have bought this past month in total.
Luna Vachon, Zeus, Roddy Piper (Entrance Great), Deluxe Bret Hart (closed mouth), Deluxe S3 Undertaker, Mattel Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mattel Rick Martel, Mattel Dusty Rhoads, Jesse Ventura (S25 Wm 7-8 attire)), Gorilla Monsoon (red jacket), Mattel Ultimate Warrior (WM6 attire), Deluxe Snitsky to make a custom Warlord and/or Sid Justice, Warlord, Warlord Custom Outfit, leather jacket for bret hart, gold necklace for Razor Ramon or Hulk Hogan,

I almost bought neca Robo Cop and a Mortal Kombat Raiden, but I didnt want to over spend =(

That's what I bought figure and accessories wise. I also bought Rechargeable batteries for my camera to ensure shooting my upcoming stop motions wont get interupted. I also got ink and paper for my printer to print out WWF banners to go above my ring. And of course I got cloths, gift cards and stuff like that. Today should be receiving Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the 360! I'm very excited. I played the crap out of the 1st one. If you have that game, please add my gamer tag "Markmageddon"

Just a heads up, I plan on selling Ring mats to go around real scale rings. $7.99 for a set of 10 or 12, I haven't decided on the final cost or quantity yet though, so it could change. I will be selling them right here on my blog. I'm in the process of setting up a merchant account through google, or I might do the paypal way, I just haven't figured out how to apply the pages onto my blog. I'll definitely b advertising it once its all up and ready to go.

There has been a last minuet change as to who the commentators will be for the full length stop motion match. originally I was shooting Bobby Heenan and Vince. But my voices arnt close enough to them as I thought I could do, So I might change it do Gorilla Monsoon and jesse ventura. Jess Ventura I can definitely do very well. and for gorilla I found a audio filter that's sounds like him when I talk through it. Vince I can do well when he is screaming, but not casual talk.
Finally, please remember to thumb up my private exclusive videos here if you can. Thank you. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, btw, I will be prepping Zeus's Review very soon. I might also work on Dinosaurs Earl Sinclaire and an Ultimate Warrior review soon as well. (Warrior's will be Blog Exclusive since I will be reviewing 2 warriors without box)(Mattel and Jakks) Deluxe Undertaker review will also be coming. Maybe even before I do Ultimate Warriors. I don't know. Rest assured, LOTS of reviews are coming. It would be nice if I could get back to doing 1 or 2 reviews every week.


  1. If you can afford this, you can afford to prevent CANCER by buying a new microwave.

  2. That was all christmas money. I actually spent $120 on medications, supplies and food. Luckily though, my dad bought me a microwave today. I'm very lucky and very thankful. last night my air matress popped to. so today my mom had to buy me a new one. ony $14 bucks =) thats all my back can handle now. a very under-inflated air matress. It hurts too much to sleep on any kind of traditional mattress/couch or recliner. Even with all the pain pills i'm on, it feels like I took nothing.
    I'm very lucky my parents are still there to help me in some ways. we'll see what happens in 3 weeks though. (feb 1st is when a final decision will be made if I get accepted for SS disability pay) I'm most likely gonna have to move regardless if I win or loose. If I loose, I have no idea where i'll be going. But I will most likely i'll have to pack up my toys and put them in storage and have to say goodbye to youtube for 2 whole freakin years! (it takes 2 years until you can re-apply for disability again if your appeal gets denied.) I will surely be in a wheel chair by then if I dont get accepted. So they better give me SOMETHING to prevent that from happening. My ability to work has been compromised enough. I havnt been able to work since Jan2nd of last year! Sorry I'm rambling. I have alot on my plate rigth now. All I want to do is enjoy life and make my damn youtube videos!


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