Luna Vachon Review

Wow, It's hard to belive that it has been 6 months since my last review? It definitly shows. My editing and general quality is a little sloppy in this one. Sorry.

I guess this is my little Xmas gift to you all. A review! right before Christmas! Enjoy!

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Not shown in this video as a possible review would be Jakks Deluxe old school Undertaker and I.R.S as I am bidding on them and will get them soon.

Also please do not forget to rate and comment. The more comments and ratings I get, the more content I will push out since my efforts will seem worth it then if people are rating and what not.

Thank you all for watching. You guys rock! See you in the new year!

WWE/WWF Rare LUNA VACHON Classic Superstars 13 Jakks Pacific 2006 HD Action Figure Review

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