Quitting smoking

After 14 years of smoking cigarettes, I belive I can finally kick the habit. I am using the nicoderm transdermal patch. I have been on it 3 whole days now, and I intend to go all the way! To all smokers out there thinking of quitting, I can say that this patch is working very well for me, and I highly recomment it. It also gives you very awesome lucid dreams if you apply it before bed! =)  Im very eager to save $70 bucks a month/ and $840 a year.

X-MEN (TAS) Unreleased Music " Left Them Behind" --Raw---

Can someone please help me clean this up!?

Selling stuff on Ebay and Amazon

I'm trying to raise money to pay off my xbox on layaway so, I'm selling a couple things on ebay if anyone is interested.

Original TMNT cel art $15

Captain Planet German Variant $10

Lights and Sounds Tonka Police cars (was going to use in a X-Men stop motion but I decided to go with different style police cars. These things wer 15-20 bucks each brand new. get all 3 for starting at $10
Toy tank $8   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330571620705&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
If anyone plays guitar. Cables & misc Lot starting at .99 cents
Sorry I have nothing cooler im willing to part with at this time lol
I also have some things for sale on amazon such as 4 of my 14" sentinel playsets and a couple other things. Both my seller names are the same for ebay and amazon "Legendofmetal777"


X-Men The Animated Series Unreleased Music "What is this place"

Well...It's Time I get back to X-MEN stuff. Just As I went through all DBZ Seasons and TMNT seasons to get screen caps and with TMNT I also went through it all to edit together unreleased music. So now I'm finally going through all X-Men episodes getting screen caps for future stop motions and collecting bits and pieces of unreleased music to put together.

Here is the first piece of background music I ran into and what I edited together.It's pretty clean natrually but there are a couple sound fx in the background I dont know how to get rid of. I sent a message to Youtube user coycoy88 to see if he could help me with my gatherings so he could hopefully make a final version with little to no background soud fx.  Enjoy the Raw edit for now. More raw edits will soon come.



This Sunday 5/15 is my 27th birthday! YAY!!!!!!!!! =)  I'm just gonna leave this donation button here if anyone is feeling generous =)

It would also help me get out of poverty, or help me buy toys to review, or help me put a new xbox on layaway so we can play together =) wouldn't that be cool? =) thanks in advance to any donators! (if any)

The Mummy Electronic 12" Rock O'Connell Action Figure Review

I guess blogger doesnt accept widescreen HD videos??? The original video was about 700mb widescreen HD. After 7 errors. I decided to make a DVD Size file and that didnt upload either. So finally,,,here is a full screen SVCD version crappy 68mb video lol beware of low quality... =(
Btw I did put this figre up on amazon for $24.99 to anyone wo is interested


Old Captain Planet review I did in 2009 got deleted by youtube

Hey everyone, I found an old review I did of a german variant Captain Planet in 2009. It got deleted by youtube because of the theme song. This was a horrible review and this is also before I got my new camera..beware of low quality lol