Hey everyone! =) I just thought I'd give a little update. First I want to thank Youtube user SSBARDOCK75 for being soo generous and donating $20.00 to me. Thank you soo much! It's nice to know people  still care for one another! Check out his page! He will be doing some stop motions eventually. I gave him some stop motion making tips since he donated, so hopefully they wont turn out too bad lol. I will be giving you credit in a commercial style way in my future WWF stop motion by saying somewhere in the video "This episode is brought to you in part by ----SSBARDOCK75!" And that goes for anyone who wants credit or to advertise/sponsorship and what not. If you donate, I will mention you somehow, someway. And I can pay you back in many unexpected ways, or simply just cash back. Message me for more details.
           I have been purchasing alot of WWF/WWE figures lately. I have bought. Deluxe Bret Hart (closed mouth), Luna Vachon, Zeus, Entrance Great Roddy Piper, and Mattel Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I might get one review posted this month, if not, LOTS of videos will be coming in January. My personal Deadline for the first full length WWF stop motion is Jan 16th.  PAPA SHANGO VS SID JUSTICE
    I wont be reviewing every wwe figure after another. I will try to add the Dinosaurs Earl Sinclair or X-MEN review in between somewhere so it doesn't seem like I am selling out to WWE reviews.I am just simply trying to hurry up and finish collecting my ideal WWF Roster. After Christmas I will be continuing to working on this. I have also been "eyeing" the Hasbro line of WWF toys. I came soo close to buying a brand new Hulk Hogan and got outbid at the last second.
      I have been watching some DBZ, Batman, Ghostbusters, Thundercats and Power Rangers stuff. So watch out.I may get lucky. Alot of DBZ stuff is REALLY expensive now though =(
     I guess that's about it. oh, btw I have not received not even 1 comment on my behind the scenes video "making the montage". Any reason to this? come on guys! if I don't get comments, I feel there is no reason to make such a video. That goes for any video I make. It's the main reason I haven't done a part 2 of my TMNT stop motion. there is just not a high demand for it. or people arnt leaving comments. you know?
     I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! Merry Christmas! TTYL bye =)

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