Thank you Curtis!

Thank you soo much Curtis A. k. A ( TheMrHyper ) from KY for the wonderful figures! That was more than kind of you. Thank you very very very much. And again, May your good deed come back to you 1,000 fold. I hope you and your family have a very merry christmas as well.


My Pal 2 Toybiz 1993 Toy Review HD

Yes, this was me in 1993 or 1994 =)
A very good find in a thrift store. This brought back soo many memories. Xmas time, playing Sonic 2 on genesis, ninja turtles, watching wrestling...good times good times. This toy is missing is hat, hoop and ball, but this toy is in very very good condition for being almost 20 years old. I will be selling this on ebay soon. anyone interested?

Thundercats Classic 8" Lion-O Action Figure Review

Thundercats Classic 8" Lion-O Bandai 2011 This review was a pain to put together. There was soo much to go over. And the video was orignally around 9 minuets long. But I cut alot of parts out for flow and editing reasons. I might post a quick clip of things that wer cut. check back soon. Overall a really great figure. I like its appearance more than anything else. And i'm sooo glad bandai didnt make it with some stupid gimmicks. a.k.a -press button to kick spring loaded action type of crap. This figure has just about everything I would want in a Lion-O figure. I'm very happy they got him right. Structure is a little odd in a few places, but it just takes getting use to and you just gotta be careful with it. (ages 4+) yeah right......


Coming back to life and Youtube

Tomorrow (Oct 5th 2012) IS moving day! YAY!!! =)  Tomorrow, I will be starting a new life. I am moving to a MUCH better place. I have to move because my landlord is selling this place and moving out of state. I am staying here in Virginia thank god. I am in MUCH better health. Just about 100%! My nero system is still a little messed up, but other than that, I am just about back to normal. Wow.....What a waste of a year this has been. SOo many health problems I had. I am glad its over.
Or as soon as I get settled in and unpacked when ever that is. I got at least 30 reviews I gotta do. And of course the WWF stop motions. I look forward to working hard on such videos as soon as possible. See you then.


I'm Alive but not well

Hey everyone. I'm soo sorry I have not been active in a long time. I have been to hell and back. I was at the hospital 32 times the past 4 months. I am off all meds now and getting better but I still have a long way to go. And now I'm facing homelessness AGAIN!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! It's always something. So, until I figure out my housing and get back to 100% good health and mental health, I am still not able to return to youtube just yet. I cannot predict the future, so I do not want to say "I'm Back" and then have something go wrong again you know?
        I am still collecting toys and prepping story lines / ideas for stop motions and reviews. I got soooo many WWE reviews to do, Thundercats, TMNT, X-MEN, and still some Power Rangers, and alot of misc lines. I'm collecting hot wheels now to with inent for reviewing maybe just on my blog, we'll see. When I'm well enough, I may just do the reviews and put them on private, and then unlock them when I think im ready to come back to youtube on a steady basis.
         So there is my update. Sorry its not more good news. but have no fear, I will return. I dont ever intend to leave youtube permanantly anytime soon (or maybe not for 20 years anyway ;)  Take care everyone! I miss you!



7th day and I'm still sick! went to the hospital. I really thought I was going to die on some days. Right now its like a roller coaster. I wake up feeling terrible , then a few hours I can tolerate, then back to being forced in bed. grrrr.. I want off this ride! My body temp has stablized for the most part and i was able to watch tv last night which is a good sign. Man,. I have NEVER been this sick in all my 27 years of life!


FUCK YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!

CURSE YOU! YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 2nd or maybe even 3rd time, you have FORCED me to change layouts eventually. This time around, you let me keep my old layout for months and only advertised the new layout but now you have FORCED me to change! and there is NO going back! even the people who get paid on youtube are screwed! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US!!!!?????!!!!!! now I have to spend a good amount of time trying to get use to the crappy new layout and figure out what I like best. I still like the very first layout when youtube came out. tThis is such bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am soo sorry to everyone. But I have beeen wayy too sick to do anything these past 2 weeks. The past 30 days in general, I havnt felt healthy or like my normal self.  Twice I have been to the E.R. and these past 2 weeks have been extremly bad. Panic attack and vomiting. Yeah, its not a pretty sight. Thats 4 times I had to call for an ambulance. Gosh, I just can't catch a break. But I know I will...someday. Thank you everyone for all your support and patiance. I will return with content when I am healthy. thank you.


Pre-Review WWE Jake The Snake Roberts Mattel Legends series 2

I gotta say, I was not very impressed when I first saw the prototype pics of this figure and then the real final product pictures. I do not recall seeing Jake the Snake Roberts in this outfit very much. And that is because he WASNT in this outfit very much. Just a couple matches and thats it. Even aside from that. I thought his structure was off. He looks tooooo skinny and just his whole proportion is outta wack. his head mold is decent though and I like the simulated chest hair. The articulation is always a bonus to. I had to pick this figure up because I knew it was rare and will continue to go up in price until a more classic Jake is made. I Might even sell this figue before I do the video review so  can get a profit and buy another one plus an additional figure from the profit. I need to sell some stuff on ebay again now anyway ( not many toys in case you wer wondering, but I will post a link anyway. )
     Without further adieu, Here are some nice Pre-review pics for you to look at until I get around to doin the full video review. Enjoy! PLEASE do not forget to leave a comment! Thank you.