Time to start shooting! (New Deadline Feb 1st)

Hey everyone! Well, It's about that time! It is time to start shooting my first full length WWF stop motion! (actually I need to finish the Undertaker review first) but right after that. I gotta re-arrange my room and get down to business. I'm not worried, I'm not scared, I'm not stressed (but I will be haha)
I'm sorry I'm behind on my original deadline. I said the 16th, I have no idea why, it just kinda came out. So my new deadline is Feb 1st. Why Feb 1st? Now for that I actually have a reason! Feb 1st is when I get the final decision on my disability appeal. If you didn't know, or have not kept up with my past entries here. Winning or loosing my case will change my life dramatically. Regardless if I win or loose, I will most likely have to move. So I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE THIS PROJECT DONE BY FEB 1ST! because I gotta start packing up if I get denied. I can't afford to stay here.
         There is one thing that would REALLY help my stop motion go faster. It would be REALLY nice if I had some kind of chart/reference of names of wrestling moves. Like, it would show the name of the move, and then a little black and white picture sketch showing the move. Does that make sense? I've come across some programs but I cant seem to get them to work. (pic below)
I know what moves I will be doing but I am not sure or not if I actually know the correct name for the move(s). I really don't wanna come off as a fool and be corrected by thousands of people. Or maybe there would be a volunteer to watch the match when done, without the audio fully done and I can mark the area down that is in question. Sorta like a quality assurance teams! =)
For now, I will continue to look. Hopefully I can find something like it.
         Shooting the stop motion and editing and fully having it done, I am guessing it will take about 10 days. It will definitely not take as long as my Goku Vs Cell Stop motion. That was pretty hard. and took me 18 days. There is not that much green screening to be done in this WWF stop motion, therefore it should go faster. I'll try to get some good behind the scenes footage to. Another, "In the making of". Wish me luck everyone! I'm about to raise the bar and set a new standard for Wrestling stop motions! Just as I did with Dragonball Z and TMNT. See you soon! =) I wouldn't be surprised if sections of the video make it onto here before I put the whole thing together, so keep checking back here or read my bulletin on my youtube channels. Thanks everyone! Peace!


I better not have cancer or a tumor!

Tell me if this would concern you...... I have discovered about 4-5 months ago that every time I use my microwave, the wireless network in the house goes down and I can't get online. Meaning there are radio waves interrupting the signal, meaning there are radio waves being transmitted THROUGH ME! the router is 20 feet away and all the way upstairs! Microwaves are supposed to be magnetically shielded. I called kenmore and they told me to stop using it and told me I very well could develop cancer or a tumor. I'm too broke to buy a new microwave. I can't even afford to buy a cheap $20 replacement at a thrift store. And I might be moving in a month to god knows where, so I don't want my parents wasting money if I will be moving somewhere that I don't need a microwave. Blah...what should I do? and would you really be concerned? I have had this microwave for over a year! a whole year I have been exposed to radio waves! and I live on microwave food since I don't have a stove. I use this microwave 3 times a day minimum. I'm gonna tell my doctor. maybe they can give me a free MRI to look for anything. I wonder if its because of this microwave that my health has gotten in some ways- worse.


Can you help me find this?

Can anyone help me find this original Undertaker logo? I have searched google, yahoo and bing for about 2 hours with no luck. I know I use to have it. It's floating around somewhere on the net. If you can help me find it I will give a shout out or something. What ever you want. If you can get the whole background AND the logo, that would be great. Or even if there is a video of this and they walk off the screen I can take a digital snapshot, that would work to. Thanks. Btw Undertaker review is coming wensday or thursday with or without the logo =) keep an eye out for it. It should be very entertaining heheheheh.