I don't know what to buy. Help me decide

 I have about $50 of  amazon money to use. I don't know what to buy. I do know that $50 will buy either one good figure or 2 semi-decent figures or 3 all cheap figures (gotta factor in shipping). Amazon is such a ripp off. I could easily streatch $50 alot further on ebay than amazon.

Here is what I have been eyeing

Beldar Conehead in Suburban Uniform Action Figure - Conehead Pre-formed Polymer Replicants "From France"   

I badly need to get some more TMNT'S but they are wayyy over priced on amazon.
I'm going to take a break from buying WWF figures. I can't review those all the time.
The remaining dbz figures I want are kinda expensive on amazon as well.  

The Florida Nightmare

I almost had to stay here. But I absolutly refused. Just wayy too many roaches

dead roches in cuppoards

Fighting roaches for 4 hours

Fighting roaches for 4 hours

this is camping, not living

I can't read hill billy

This is camping...not living

sand all over the floors I couldnt get rid of

camping, not living

There was no drain pipe! water would just go straight to the ground in the grass!

thats wood strips used in place of caulk? lol

A pvc pipe for a shower rod wtf???

the toilet wasnt even attached to the floor and it was crooked

can you imagine me having to do my videos here? I don't think so

so many roaches in the cuppoards

I couldnt even unpack becuase there wer just soooo many roaches swarming

                     This is where I ended up staying for almost 4 months

did i mention it was hot? and scorpians fall from these trees

they are split into halfs. I stayed at the one far down

Walking to the dumpster was allways a scary experiance. you dont know what kind of wild animal will be there

this is all I had. packed up and ready to gtfo!
all I had and ready to gtfo!
Never had a tv or internet
I had no furnishings the whole 4 months I was here

you are looking at roach feces in a kitchen drawer

peekaboo! I see you!!!

I see a big roach!!!

Luckily I brought my own shower head
the knobs wer broken. you had to be carefull turning them or you would get cut.

would you take a shower with this thing???
the sink was plastic
I think it was a moth caccun there

I had some pretty scary neighbors

the white stuff you see is boric acid roach killer I put EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

the white stuff you see is boric acid roach killer I put EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

It may be an air matress. but this is the best sleep I ever had here.

roaches coming thru a/c foam

This is what my fridge looked like most times as my food stamps kept getting screwed up and couldnt afford food

soo many roaches came thru here

roach feces

TONS of raoches and A FREAKIN SCORPIAN!!! YES! A SCORPIAN!!!!!!!!

this is what the a/c filter looked like when i moved in

this thing was almost the size of a stick of gum!
So there you have it. Dare I share some stories?