Pre-Review WWE Jake The Snake Roberts Mattel Legends series 2

I gotta say, I was not very impressed when I first saw the prototype pics of this figure and then the real final product pictures. I do not recall seeing Jake the Snake Roberts in this outfit very much. And that is because he WASNT in this outfit very much. Just a couple matches and thats it. Even aside from that. I thought his structure was off. He looks tooooo skinny and just his whole proportion is outta wack. his head mold is decent though and I like the simulated chest hair. The articulation is always a bonus to. I had to pick this figure up because I knew it was rare and will continue to go up in price until a more classic Jake is made. I Might even sell this figue before I do the video review so  can get a profit and buy another one plus an additional figure from the profit. I need to sell some stuff on ebay again now anyway ( not many toys in case you wer wondering, but I will post a link anyway. )
     Without further adieu, Here are some nice Pre-review pics for you to look at until I get around to doin the full video review. Enjoy! PLEASE do not forget to leave a comment! Thank you.