Behind the Scenes WWF Stop Motion "Making the First Montage"

Hi everyone =)  So, Blogspots video upload feature SUCKS! It almost NEVER works! So I am just going to post from Youtube (private video listings) That way it's easier for me, and the video/audio quality will not suffer. (except for this one since I dont feel like waiting to upload a 1.3 gb video, this is a SVCD 300mb version)
        I had a little fun doing these behind the scenes, quick videos. I should just use my main good camera next time though. The mic and video quality on my old nikkon cool pix isn't that great at all. Hard to believe that's how I made the majority of my videos with that camera years ago. Or that's how it all kinda started.
        I will try to make these behind the scenes videos better quality overall next time around, not just video quality but like, in-video stuff. Instead of having my camera face my computer screen. Real live motion capture software. I'll try to show you step by step and talk in better detail of certin things. I still don't wanna give tooooo much away though.
       Anyway. Questions? Comments? Leave them below. You don't even have to be a member to leave a question or comment. Or I think you can click this video and leave comments on yotuube. So, Type away =)   and be sure to come back here regularly. I will actually get paid a little bit for visitors and subscribers here! =)   I promise I will make it worth your while!. Thank you!

Also I am always accepting donations. If you find any tips within this video usefull. a small donation would be much appreciated! =) I'm still struggling very much. A decision for being accepted for SS payments will be made no later than febuary they tell me. If I get accepted. I will no longer have to pan handle. I should be able to take care of myself from then on. If I get denied however, We'll, than I'm facing homlessness again =(


  1. Thank you! I'm glad somebody did! =)

  2. Hey! =) Keep making these behind-the-scenes videos, they're lots of fun to watch! I like to see the creative process behind the actual videos.


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