Which WWE Figures should I get next? VOTE!

Hey everyone! I am about halfway done getting my ideal WWF Roster together. Now thru the next couple months, I will be buying nothing but WWE Figures So I can hurry up and finish the roster to not only review, but put into stop motions! =)

Lets start with 10 since that's the max number I can do for this poll. I will list figures that do not need any clothing or any add on stuff, I can enjoy and use the figure as-is.

btw I hope to be done collecting WWF figures by March or April.

List is in no particular order


Which WWF Figures Should I Focus on getting next?
Adam Bomb
I.R.S Irwin R. Schyster
Kamala (Mattel)
Mr. Perfect (Mattel)
Rick Martel (Mattel)
Macho King Ringside Exclusive (Mattel)
Ultimate Warrior (mattel legends 6)
Dusty Rhoads (Probably matell over jakks)
Bastion Booger
Undertaker (Jakks Deluxe)
= see results =


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  2. The people have spoken! The winner is-- Old school Jakks Deluxe Undertaker! I am currrently bidding on one MOC and determined to win! the runner up was I.R.S surprisingly =/ don't worry, I;m gonna go ahead and get him to after christmas. I also might be getting a Warlord and if/when I do get a warlord, I will be making a video of me reviewing and customizing him. I will be removing his face paint and some hair. and giving him a all new body paint color to make him a little more tan and accurate. The finishing touch will be Ralphs figure clothing warlord outfit.

  3. I had to vote for Undertaker just cause, but IRS would be cool too. He's pretty cheap online :D


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