I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! =)

After about 5-6 days worth of work, I am finally done shooting everything I need in order to make my teaser/trailer/promo, what ever you wanna call it. Now I just have to throw it all together! =)   every WWF figure I own (over 30) is in some type of quick scene. The teaser will be very much like the 1993 superstars opening or late 80's main event intro or 1989 summerslam intro.. I plan to have the official trailer up on youtube and here of course within 3 or so days. Check back here over the next couple days. maybe even tonight for behind the scenes and cool pics. Oh and btw, I have won 2 very very rare figures on ebay. Luna Vachon and Zeus! Luna Vachon Usually goes for around, I'd say about $50. I got her because some day i'd like to have a match of her against sherri fighting over shawn. or have a match of shawn with sherri vs Bam Bam and luna, and possibly build a story from that. Zues, is hardly ever on ebay  except for this week of course. and he usually goes for about 60 as well. I am not that familiar with him. Kinda before my time. But from what I've seen from him so far, He very much reminds me of Sid Justice. So, I had to get him. Maybe I will have a stop motion where they team up. Who knows.


Working Consistantly on WWF stop motion

Just in case anyone is following this. I have been working consistantly on the WWF stop motion project. 3 days in a row. The more I do, the more im excited to work on it more!  Today I worked on, and pretty much finishe the Sid Justice Promo. (Sid talking about how Papa Shango got in the way of winning against hogan at wrestlemania.) I will post more progress pics and vids  when I finalize things a bit more. Right now I have to Factory preset my computer since some of my video effect filters arnt loading and also some have reverted back to trial period for some reason. Nothing will stop me from finishing this project now! ive been planning how to do certin parts  for soo long now! ive attempted starting this project two times already over the past 2 years! and now it's finally happening. I'm very excited and cant wait for the finished product. Oh I'm also recording behind the scenes each day to for the fun of it.


Day 1 shooting WWF Stop Motion

Today I finally did some work on my upcoming WWF Stop motion. I Shot Vince MccMahon and Bobby Heenan doing the introduction bit and also Sid Justice doing his promo bit challenging papa shango, and also took Vs Match pics of sid and shango. Here are some attached pics so you can see the quality. Just so you know. the arena crowd will be green screened behind bobby and Vince. and the pics of Papa Shango and Sid will be cut and you will only see the figure and not my wall.

crowd will be behind bobby and vince

a generic grey parterned background will be behind sid


Petty issues

I keep running into problems doing the WWF stop motions. First I needed a glue stick to fix my crowd as it was a little beat upfrom being in storage while I was in Florida. So I got a glue stick, and fixed my crowd. The I realized I needed a 12 outlet surge protector for my lights. (still havnt gotten but I think I think I can just use an extension cord with 3 outlets. Then I start messing with my computer doing some tech tests you could call it. and I find out one of my special fx softwares has reverted back to trail version which, if used, would have a big ass water mark over the video. I cant have that obviusly. this software was pirated originally. shh...dont tell anyone. I googled how to fix it, and I tried using my nerd skills as well with no luck. apparently the only way to fix it, is to facotry restore my computer AGAIN!!!! god I hate doing it. SO time consuming. SO I still need to do that. Then for fun, I tried doing some voice acting for the intro being vince mcman "HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN WELCOME T THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION I"M YOUR HOST VINCE MCMAN AND WITH ME IS NONE OTHER THAN BOBBY THE BRAIN HEENAN!!!!!!!!!!!"        and then I couldnt figure out why the volume of my voice was extremly loud on playback and I couldnt get it to a moderate level of volume for some reason. So, tomorrow I have to work on that as well. Thank god I still have plenty of long crowd noises and mat sound fx and other sound fx ready to go. no problems there.
    Meanwhile, I was trying to get my hands on an ultimate warrior. I couldnt decide if I wanted a jakks or mattel version (wrestlemania 6-7 look facing hogan)  then one night randomly browsing ebay I came across a deluxe series 7 Bret Hart with a price under $15 at the time and the auction was closing fast. I absolutly had to jump on that and I placed a bid and won. This figure usually goes for $50-70. and I had returnd my bret hart vs yokozuna 2 pack, so I needed a bret hart anyway. I'll still need to buy a custom leather jacket and get some glasses for him as well.
 Back to the voice work though, it was actually my first attempt doing Vince's voice out loud. I thought I could do him flawlessly, but it still doesnt sound bad. I definitly cant do bobby, but I can eaasily do jesse ventura I practiced that outloud. but I want bobby in this stop motion because I have a few funny things for him to do and say. So anyway...there is my little up date. My room will remain re-arranged until this stop motion is made. So, in a way, that is forcing me to do this video, cuz its not comfortable the way my room is right now. I have to do this video.
   oh and btw if anyone is feeling generouse.....here is me digitally panhandling. Please help a disabled person with no income! I quite smoking, I quite drinking and I still have no money! Please help! I can maybe even pay you back. Thank you! and god bless!