Collection Pics

Hey Everyone. So this is about 93% of my collection. I still have one small box in storage of turtle stuff. and all acessories are still in zip lock baggies (excluding some turtles) and bubbles and cards are in boxes. It doesnt look like much, but keep in mind i've also sold some things. Check out my previous blog of my figure inventory to see what your looking at. Take care.

The little bins is where i'm keeping most weapons and acessories

Got most of my bubbles and cards in these boxes


  1. Wow! I love your shelves. So wide, so much space!

  2. Sick collection ... will you please check out my reviews? Your a big inspiration to me :)


  3. Sweet displays (this is RicketerReviews by the way). Out of the X-Men figs you have I have... Avalanche (got him loose... no stand), Omega Red, Wolverine (street clothes), Sauron, Sabertooth, Mojo, Blob (he came all messed up, bummer), Pyro, Jubilee, Beast, Storm (Water Wars), Rogue (Toybiz) and Iceman. I have an Apocalypse but he's the crappy first version. I still need a tiger-stripe Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Gambit, Morph and Prof X... and Mystique and Juggernaut (but I have the Marvel Universe one and it kicks ass).

    I also have Nightcrawler, Lady Deathstrike, Longshot, Spiral, Phoenix (Toybiz and Marvel Legends), Sabertooth (Savage Lands), Galactus (TOYBIZ AND HE IS AWESOME), Bishop, Random, Colossus, Cannonball and a few others I forgot the names of lol


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