Working Consistantly on WWF stop motion

Just in case anyone is following this. I have been working consistantly on the WWF stop motion project. 3 days in a row. The more I do, the more im excited to work on it more!  Today I worked on, and pretty much finishe the Sid Justice Promo. (Sid talking about how Papa Shango got in the way of winning against hogan at wrestlemania.) I will post more progress pics and vids  when I finalize things a bit more. Right now I have to Factory preset my computer since some of my video effect filters arnt loading and also some have reverted back to trial period for some reason. Nothing will stop me from finishing this project now! ive been planning how to do certin parts  for soo long now! ive attempted starting this project two times already over the past 2 years! and now it's finally happening. I'm very excited and cant wait for the finished product. Oh I'm also recording behind the scenes each day to for the fun of it.

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