X-Men The Animated Series Unreleased Music "What is this place"

Well...It's Time I get back to X-MEN stuff. Just As I went through all DBZ Seasons and TMNT seasons to get screen caps and with TMNT I also went through it all to edit together unreleased music. So now I'm finally going through all X-Men episodes getting screen caps for future stop motions and collecting bits and pieces of unreleased music to put together.

Here is the first piece of background music I ran into and what I edited together.It's pretty clean natrually but there are a couple sound fx in the background I dont know how to get rid of. I sent a message to Youtube user coycoy88 to see if he could help me with my gatherings so he could hopefully make a final version with little to no background soud fx.  Enjoy the Raw edit for now. More raw edits will soon come.


  1. please make more!

    1. I posted one more. "left them behind". I will be posting more when I get back to watching the X-MEN dvd's grabbing screen shots. I will have to.

  2. yes i heard the other one same day as this one, i also thought about doing this myself but never got around to it. Im making an X-Men web series, and some of these songs would have been great to go with some of the smaller scenes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxlOcFKgihM&feature=related thats the teaser trailer. Also the facebook page is facebook.com/xmenfanseries join and support and thx for what you are doing.

  3. How about Dazzler's Song "Body Heat" from Dark Phoenix Part 1: Dazzled, and Juggernaut Returns (club scene)?

  4. very nice man this is what im looking for..........thans body!!!!


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