I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! =)

After about 5-6 days worth of work, I am finally done shooting everything I need in order to make my teaser/trailer/promo, what ever you wanna call it. Now I just have to throw it all together! =)   every WWF figure I own (over 30) is in some type of quick scene. The teaser will be very much like the 1993 superstars opening or late 80's main event intro or 1989 summerslam intro.. I plan to have the official trailer up on youtube and here of course within 3 or so days. Check back here over the next couple days. maybe even tonight for behind the scenes and cool pics. Oh and btw, I have won 2 very very rare figures on ebay. Luna Vachon and Zeus! Luna Vachon Usually goes for around, I'd say about $50. I got her because some day i'd like to have a match of her against sherri fighting over shawn. or have a match of shawn with sherri vs Bam Bam and luna, and possibly build a story from that. Zues, is hardly ever on ebay  except for this week of course. and he usually goes for about 60 as well. I am not that familiar with him. Kinda before my time. But from what I've seen from him so far, He very much reminds me of Sid Justice. So, I had to get him. Maybe I will have a stop motion where they team up. Who knows.

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