Petty issues

I keep running into problems doing the WWF stop motions. First I needed a glue stick to fix my crowd as it was a little beat upfrom being in storage while I was in Florida. So I got a glue stick, and fixed my crowd. The I realized I needed a 12 outlet surge protector for my lights. (still havnt gotten but I think I think I can just use an extension cord with 3 outlets. Then I start messing with my computer doing some tech tests you could call it. and I find out one of my special fx softwares has reverted back to trail version which, if used, would have a big ass water mark over the video. I cant have that obviusly. this software was pirated originally. shh...dont tell anyone. I googled how to fix it, and I tried using my nerd skills as well with no luck. apparently the only way to fix it, is to facotry restore my computer AGAIN!!!! god I hate doing it. SO time consuming. SO I still need to do that. Then for fun, I tried doing some voice acting for the intro being vince mcman "HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN WELCOME T THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION I"M YOUR HOST VINCE MCMAN AND WITH ME IS NONE OTHER THAN BOBBY THE BRAIN HEENAN!!!!!!!!!!!"        and then I couldnt figure out why the volume of my voice was extremly loud on playback and I couldnt get it to a moderate level of volume for some reason. So, tomorrow I have to work on that as well. Thank god I still have plenty of long crowd noises and mat sound fx and other sound fx ready to go. no problems there.
    Meanwhile, I was trying to get my hands on an ultimate warrior. I couldnt decide if I wanted a jakks or mattel version (wrestlemania 6-7 look facing hogan)  then one night randomly browsing ebay I came across a deluxe series 7 Bret Hart with a price under $15 at the time and the auction was closing fast. I absolutly had to jump on that and I placed a bid and won. This figure usually goes for $50-70. and I had returnd my bret hart vs yokozuna 2 pack, so I needed a bret hart anyway. I'll still need to buy a custom leather jacket and get some glasses for him as well.
 Back to the voice work though, it was actually my first attempt doing Vince's voice out loud. I thought I could do him flawlessly, but it still doesnt sound bad. I definitly cant do bobby, but I can eaasily do jesse ventura I practiced that outloud. but I want bobby in this stop motion because I have a few funny things for him to do and say. So anyway...there is my little up date. My room will remain re-arranged until this stop motion is made. So, in a way, that is forcing me to do this video, cuz its not comfortable the way my room is right now. I have to do this video.
   oh and btw if anyone is feeling generouse.....here is me digitally panhandling. Please help a disabled person with no income! I quite smoking, I quite drinking and I still have no money! Please help! I can maybe even pay you back. Thank you! and god bless!

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