7th day and I'm still sick! went to the hospital. I really thought I was going to die on some days. Right now its like a roller coaster. I wake up feeling terrible , then a few hours I can tolerate, then back to being forced in bed. grrrr.. I want off this ride! My body temp has stablized for the most part and i was able to watch tv last night which is a good sign. Man,. I have NEVER been this sick in all my 27 years of life!


FUCK YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!

CURSE YOU! YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 2nd or maybe even 3rd time, you have FORCED me to change layouts eventually. This time around, you let me keep my old layout for months and only advertised the new layout but now you have FORCED me to change! and there is NO going back! even the people who get paid on youtube are screwed! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US!!!!?????!!!!!! now I have to spend a good amount of time trying to get use to the crappy new layout and figure out what I like best. I still like the very first layout when youtube came out. tThis is such bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am soo sorry to everyone. But I have beeen wayy too sick to do anything these past 2 weeks. The past 30 days in general, I havnt felt healthy or like my normal self.  Twice I have been to the E.R. and these past 2 weeks have been extremly bad. Panic attack and vomiting. Yeah, its not a pretty sight. Thats 4 times I had to call for an ambulance. Gosh, I just can't catch a break. But I know I will...someday. Thank you everyone for all your support and patiance. I will return with content when I am healthy. thank you.