Thank you Curtis!

Thank you soo much Curtis A. k. A ( TheMrHyper ) from KY for the wonderful figures! That was more than kind of you. Thank you very very very much. And again, May your good deed come back to you 1,000 fold. I hope you and your family have a very merry christmas as well.


My Pal 2 Toybiz 1993 Toy Review HD

Yes, this was me in 1993 or 1994 =)
A very good find in a thrift store. This brought back soo many memories. Xmas time, playing Sonic 2 on genesis, ninja turtles, watching wrestling...good times good times. This toy is missing is hat, hoop and ball, but this toy is in very very good condition for being almost 20 years old. I will be selling this on ebay soon. anyone interested?

Thundercats Classic 8" Lion-O Action Figure Review

Thundercats Classic 8" Lion-O Bandai 2011 This review was a pain to put together. There was soo much to go over. And the video was orignally around 9 minuets long. But I cut alot of parts out for flow and editing reasons. I might post a quick clip of things that wer cut. check back soon. Overall a really great figure. I like its appearance more than anything else. And i'm sooo glad bandai didnt make it with some stupid gimmicks. a.k.a -press button to kick spring loaded action type of crap. This figure has just about everything I would want in a Lion-O figure. I'm very happy they got him right. Structure is a little odd in a few places, but it just takes getting use to and you just gotta be careful with it. (ages 4+) yeah right......