Behind the scenes video and 1989 Summerslam Stop motion Trailer

I forgot to mention  The other day, I actually was working on  a trailer to the 1989 Summerslam theme and partial video but my computer was getting all funky and non-responsive.
And THEN I tried working on my behind the scenes videos. It was about 7 video entries or so and ended up being around 15 min long. and again, my computer was being unresponsive. This video will be interesting to all you who are eager to start your own stop motions and always asking me what software I use/camera and how I do this, and how I do that. In this video I give away ALOT! probably more than I should say since I don't want anyone copying me anytime soon lol.  But its a long video, so you gotta watch it all to get the most info out of it haha!

I have fixed the reasons why my computer was crapping out, so getting those two videos up early this  week will not be a problem. The trailer will be on my stop motion channel Legendofmetal777, and the behind the scenes video will be here.

Eventually, I will probably have to make a video making everyone aware of this blog and what they are missing again. I somehow need to get a good chunk of subscribers here. I actually get paid a little when people come here believe it or not! =)

Well I guess that is it for tonight. Thank you everyone for everything. You make my day-everyday. Your feedback and support really hits me in the heart. Take care. See you in the coming week!  Special thanks to youtube user SSBardock75! he's soo kind , he's gonna send me a money order! THANK YOU!!!! and for good measure, here is another entrance pic, You might see this one often. I'm gonna put a watermark over it, so no one can green screen and use it for themselves just yet lol.
I will probably add real cloth to the entrance. I will also need to spruce up/fix/ and tape the peices of paper that came loose from storage. All these peices wer in SOO much better shape before I had to leave it and move to florida.
I got TONS of entrance pics. Many needed to be taken under different lighting and I had to carefully select which ones I think I can make look the most realistic to the old school wwf matches.

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