Times are tough (again)

I submitted this to every local news station. Before you read it and respond like a smart ass, Belive me, I know things could be worse. I could be at war in iraq, I could be missing my limbs, I could already be living out of a cardboard box. I KNOW! So if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything. This is not a "pitty me" story ok? just wanna get that clear. It's just a reminder that times are tough. Oh and also, I don't want to hear someone say "sell your toys or stop buying toys". I already have sold over $500 worth of my toys since coming back from Florida and over $1,000 since I started collecting. I also don't "buy" toys technically. I do surveys to earn amazon points which can only be spent on amazon and cannot be turned into cash to be used elsewhere. I will admit over this Christmas I went on a toy shopping spree. I gotta have a little fun! My toys are the only thing that make me happy. If I had to get rid of them, I'd rather jump off a bridge. So anyway, here it goes.

You are considered wealthy if you can shop at goodwill stores or walmart!

Hi, My name is Mark, I have been living on nothing but Microwave food for over a year, 3-5 times a day. NO EXAGGERATION! I haven't had a
piece of fruit or vegetable in several months. I cannot afford them. Even with my monthly $200 foodstamps it's not enough to even spend $10 at a normal grocery store. I do ALL of my grocery shopping at The Dollar Tree where everything is $1.00 It's one thing to live on microwave food, but to live on DOLLAR store food is even more unhealthy! luckily I have a high metabolism and only gained 70 lbs in the course of a year. But If I were anyone else, I would have gained double or triple that amount I'm sure. I don't have kitchen privileges where I live since I rent out a small basement. So I cannot use a stove or oven. I don't have a full size fridge. It's hard to store certain types of foods down in a basement when you have to worry about space and bugs even when your place is super clean like mine.

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, I have been out of work since Jan 2011.Because of my condition, I cannot workl like the average person and I've had to apply for disability over a year ago. Somehow, I have been denied disability benefits twice and I will now loose my shelter, my car, my financial assistance to keep seeing doctors and get the medications I need just to be able to function day to day. My prognosis is only fair and there is no cure for my disease. I am inevidably headed to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Times are tough and I envy those people who can shop at walmart, costco and goodwill stores.I consider you wealthy if you can shop there. LOL they think times are tough for themselves! Yet they have no idea how to stretch a dollar like I can! They complain they have no money yet there cable bill is over $100 as well as there phone bill. I guess people don't know how to save money until they have none or experience being homeless like I have a couple times. You really learn how to be resourceful.

I know people who admitingly spend $200 a month on starbucks and $500 on a single dining room chair, and they complain times are tough for
themselves. I also know someone who would rather pay someone to stay away instead of have them live with them and save money. Those people, are my parents..............

If you want to hear more of my story, please contact me @ xxx-xxx-xxxx or email legendofmetal777@aol.com
I am submitting this story to all the news stations. hopefully someone will share my story.

Thank you. God Bless!


  1. and I'm already getting hate texts on my phone. One person (who wont tell me who they are) says,
    "You've got to be kidding me Mark, you dont know how lucky you are, (I guess they didnt read the top part of me stating how I know things could be alot worse! like me being at war and having all my limbs) this person continues to say "I have had noting to eat but bread and toast for the past five years and have no home and was declined food stamps and have had worse medical problems than you and I can go on, but nobody helps me! in fact, all docs lost my medical records.
    ok. So, if all your staing is True (God forbid) that doesnt mean you gotta yell at me. Write your own story! continue to seek out help! I dont care how bad your situation is.You should be able to do better than bread and toast. Go to churches foodbank. you obviuosly arnt that conserned for your wellfare to seek out and take advntage of all options like I have. Me, I have let no stone go unturned and more than double and triple checked my resources. I also let this person knwo how I can help. I don't have much to offer, but i'm stil willig to lend a hand anyway that I can, instead of biting my head off, we should stick together! this is not a competition!

  2. I sent you a message on youtube, but I figured I'd post it here as well because I'm unsure whether you come here or on youtube more often. Everything in the following message is 100% serious and in no way, a joke or prank:

    Hey, obviously you don't know me since we've never actually spoken, but I'm a subscriber of your youtube account and have been following your videos and reviews for a while now. Just a quick intro, my name is Eric and I am 19. I'm a huge WWE fan and even though I was too young to watch the 80's and 90's era, thanks to a lot of footage I have learned to appreciate it so much, that I even prefer it to today's product. I'm also a big toy geek and have my own share of several figures of different things. Anyways, I've also been reading about the problems you have been having in your life, and even though I don't know the whole story or anything, I can't help but feel terrible. I read them, and I don't know, I keep getting a nudge to try to help or something. After reading your latest one, which was posted yesterday, that seemed to be the nail in the coffin. I just got got this weird and extremely crazy idea on helping you out. I was just suggesting that maybe you'd like to live at my place while you get back on track. I know it seems rather like "WTF?!", but I'm telling you, that's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your post on your blog this morning. The only problem is that I live in California, so I know it's going to be a nightmare to travel across the country. I wouldn't say it's a definite yes, because I would have to discuss this with my parents and it'd be something huge for them to accept, but I can convince them to do it if you are interested. Another thing is that we don't have much room since we are sharing the house with my aunt and uncle who are living downstairs (we don't make a hell of a lot money to afford a house on our own since my mom works and dad has been injured for a few years), so you could either bunk up with me or have the garage. And just to get this off the bat, I'm not gay, lol, or come from an awkward and weird family. My family and I (except my father) are Christian and we know how to live properly and treat others with care. So anyways, just let me know if you would like to work something out because I wouldn't mind helping you out. Just as long as you don't go all Norman Bates(Psycho) on us, everything should be fine lol. Just let me know and again, this isn't a joke or a prank. I'm really serious about helping.

  3. Hi Mark, that's rather positive you writing to all those stations, it was a very difficult letter to read and i feel for you i really do, it is so true that there is always someone worse off that us, but our problems are no lesser for that, you sound in pretty bad shape and i am sorry for you, not my business i know but i would take young Eric up on his offer, i was going to suggest a similar thing, but i live abroad, you have obviously touched people's hearts and we all wish you well.

  4. Mark just a quick question and I'd appreciate an answer.
    If your literally struggling to survive, why do you continue to purchase toys?
    Im a figure collector, luckily I work full time and can afford to treat myself from time to time. Not as much as I would like, but stay up to date.
    Now, if I was struggling to live and was begging, which this blog confirms you are doing, the FIRST thing I would stop buying? TOYS.

    1. I havnt paid for a toy with my own money in...hmm let me think........several months?. I usually get toys from doing survys. or I recycle toys on ebay and trade them in for something else. or this month my mom find ways to afford netflix and xbox live. tecnically paid for my toys. Mr.pefect was given to my by a fellow viewer. I do how ever That I can definialy not live without month to month. and even with xbox ive I most times get good deals, like special promos 1 month for $1.00

    2. Actually Christmas time was the last time I used my own money to buy toys.


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