Pre-Review WWE Jake The Snake Roberts Mattel Legends series 2

I gotta say, I was not very impressed when I first saw the prototype pics of this figure and then the real final product pictures. I do not recall seeing Jake the Snake Roberts in this outfit very much. And that is because he WASNT in this outfit very much. Just a couple matches and thats it. Even aside from that. I thought his structure was off. He looks tooooo skinny and just his whole proportion is outta wack. his head mold is decent though and I like the simulated chest hair. The articulation is always a bonus to. I had to pick this figure up because I knew it was rare and will continue to go up in price until a more classic Jake is made. I Might even sell this figue before I do the video review so  can get a profit and buy another one plus an additional figure from the profit. I need to sell some stuff on ebay again now anyway ( not many toys in case you wer wondering, but I will post a link anyway. )
     Without further adieu, Here are some nice Pre-review pics for you to look at until I get around to doin the full video review. Enjoy! PLEASE do not forget to leave a comment! Thank you.


  1. Hey Mark Buddy he wore this outfit when he turned heel, i believe he had it at the 1992 royal rumble, and on a saturday night's main event 1991, also when he slapped Elizabeth also tueday in texas 1991

  2. Yes but my point was that he didnt wear it that long. not a long as his classic green tights. 3 of 4 appearances in an outfit is hardly enough to t make a figure for. but then again. i was susrispired jakks made a meda manaics 3 pack as well.

  3. Mark , I enjoy your blog and youtube channels, I like you, this isn't trolling, its a genuine point thats been bugging me for ages.just a quick question and I'd appreciate an answer.
    If your literally struggling to survive, why do you continue to purchase toys?
    Im a figure collector, luckily I work full time and can afford to treat myself from time to time. Not as much as I would like, but I try and stay up to date.
    Now, if I was struggling to live, and was begging, which you do on this blog from time to time, the first thing to go? TOYS. Why continue to live above your means? I LOVE figures, but if it came down to it, would you not rather survive and be healthy?

  4. First of all. I charged these two figures to my moms credit card. So "i" didnt technically buy it.I have already sold over $500 worth of toys since coming back from Florida. and I refuse to sell anymore. They are the only thing I have in my life that make me happy. and lets say if I sold them all to buy me 3-6 months of rent. after those 3-6 months...then what? I had had just wasted 4 years of collecting and lost the one thing that made me happy. I'd rather die if i didnt have my toys actually, if it came down to either selling all my toys to buy just a coule months of rent or packing them up and putting them in storage to live on the streets. I'd rather live on the streets and know my toys are safe. I will see them again somehow, someway, someday. That was kinda what happend in Florida. I had to pack them away but i knew id see them again. Thank God I returned. I know it seems like my priorities are a little backwards. But when its the only thing you have in your life. You wouldnt let go of it easily either. My toys are as important to me as say a wife or a pet. I cherish them that much as sad and pathetic as it sounds lol.


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