Pre-Review Ultimate Warrior Legends Mattel Series 6 loose

Hi =) I hope these awesome close up shots will be enough to hold you over until I get to do the actual video review! =) Click on pics to go to a slide show page where some pics are enlarged EVEN MORE! It's very cool! These pics turned out soo well, I don't think I  really need to do a review lol. J/k ( I still will do a video reviewing two Ultimate Warriors in one video. This one and the jakks series 14 (terminator outfit) The review will be only here as a blog exclusive. why? because both items are loose with no box or belts. Sorry =( I couldnt afford them. Ultimate Warrior figures are VERY expensive if you do not get around to buying them around there release dates. And its easy to see why they sell out soo quickly and raise up in price soo fast. God this figure looks good! This figure is not perfect though. Belive it or not, it does have a couple flaws you wouldnt know just by looking at it. I will go over these flaws in the full video review coming later this month.

Almost looks real doesnt it? Amazing!

Sorry there is a slight shadow from holding my camera soo close to his face.

Looks to me as if you could reach out and smear his makeup. WOW!

If I REALLY wanted to, I could use a Micro pen to outline his teeth.

Does Everyones bottom foot look like this? I cant be 100% sure if I got a bootleg or not.

It says Mattel...But it can still be a bootleg. What do you think? It looks damn good if it is! and I have no complaints lol

"We will face again Hulk hogan"

"Smell my breath! it's minty warrior fresh!"

Size comparison

                                        The match that never was. But will be ;)

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