Pre-Review WWE Kamala Mattel Legends Series 2 Action Figure

Not many people I know were excited about this figure. But I was. I recall seeing Kamala very often in my childhood on TV. I thought  he was sooo funny playing dumb. But of course when your young, you do not know he is just acting. I had my eye on buying the jakks version long before the Mattel version was even announced.  I never got around to bidding on one though. But there was always one on my Ebay watch list. After seeing this figure, just from the pics, I was blown away. It looked sooooo accurate! And it included EVERYTHING accessory wise that you needed. Jakks came with a couple things. But the Mattel version is surely the deluxe way to go. Then there is the articulation!  A heavy set wrestler with that much articulation is great! And the paint job is just...wow! so, these were my impressions from seeing JUST the pictures. Then I see this figure in person. Luckily, it's EXACTLY how it was in the pics. In some ways it was better. I am very glad Mattel was able to go all out with this figure and leave out nothing, or miss something. I came close to buying this in person around Xmas time. But $16 is a little steep. I am a fan, but not that big of a fan to pay $15.99 or more.         So then last week I found this in a new Party store of all places for only $5.99   along with Jake the snake, Rick Rude and Iron Sheik, all for 5.99 each. Which I STILL can't afford, but I absolutely had to get at least kamala and jake the snake because he is kind of rare. I had to charge it to my moms credit card  without her knowing. =X I hope I can pay her back! eek! 
         Anyway. enough talk. Here are some Pre-Review pics! enjoy! and PLEASE leave a comment! If I don't get comments, then I don't see why I bother doing these Pre-Reviews. Thank you.

I do not really need to bother posting little comments after certin pictures. This figure just looks perfect from the outside.
We'll see what problems I discover Once I take it out of the box and do the full video review.

I might go back to the Party store and purchase Jimmy Snuka, Rick Rude and Iron Sheik.

He wouldnt want to see a rematch?

So amazingly awesome!

Incredible facial mold and paint!

The Paint job is Supreme!

Freak Vs Freak

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