I don't know what to buy. Help me decide

 I have about $50 of  amazon money to use. I don't know what to buy. I do know that $50 will buy either one good figure or 2 semi-decent figures or 3 all cheap figures (gotta factor in shipping). Amazon is such a ripp off. I could easily streatch $50 alot further on ebay than amazon.

Here is what I have been eyeing

Beldar Conehead in Suburban Uniform Action Figure - Conehead Pre-formed Polymer Replicants "From France"   

I badly need to get some more TMNT'S but they are wayyy over priced on amazon.
I'm going to take a break from buying WWF figures. I can't review those all the time.
The remaining dbz figures I want are kinda expensive on amazon as well.  


  1. I purchased Agent Smith. I couldnt wait any longer. I still have money left for one figure which will it be?

  2. That Batman looks awesome.

  3. X-Men Deluxe Edition Bishop

  4. you should get the beldar conehead,


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