Hey everyone =)   At the request of several people, I am now here on blogger. Thought it would be a good idea so I can keep you all up to date on things and have miscellaneous things here that I can not put on YouTube like, A figure inventory list, or updates on all my drama, or shock you with news of figures coming out if you didn't allready hear it from another source, etc etc. So lets get started =)    Oh and beware, my grammar and punctuation is sometimes terrible and I kinda have a hard time wording my thoughts so please bare with me.

First off, I'd like to give you all an update on my current position. Alot of you allready know I have been battling homelessness here and there since my mother kicked me out on April 14th 2009. But as things are now, I am renting a basement and have a roof over my head until April 6th. I have to come up with $600 of rent money by then or I will be living out of my car once again. I might be able to knock off $200 but as for the rest, I have no idea how I'm gonna get that kinda money as I am un-employed at the moment.

I have had to apply for disability......Fibromyalgia, Severe anxiety, Severe depression, Hypothyroid. These are the reasons why I have had to move 8 times in 7 months. They simply render me unable to work like a normal healthy individual does. Put it this way.....I have not held a job longer than 3 months since 2007!! I have had 39 jobs in my short 26 years of life. I should have applied for disability a long time ago, but my symptoms didn't sky rocket until about 2 years ago and especially since my mother kicked me out of her house and my parents cease to support me financially, my health has significantly declined. I will hear back from social security in 120-150 days.....so for now I'm going to have to try to bite the bullet and look for a temporary job until rehabilitative services can get me a suitable job with my disabilities.
           I have been to hell and back. Living in Florida I will always call it "the 5 month nightmare". It was truly the biggest hardship ever in my life.(and I've had many). Living in total poverty in a cockroach and scorpion infested trailer, yes I had scorpions..oh god..I could go on with this experience but i don't want this blog to be just about that. Maybe another time I will upload photos showing what my FL experience was like. It will surely surprise and disgust you.

ANYWAY!!!!!!!! now for the positive fun stuff. I have FINALLY got me a temporary table to do some new vids on! it's not the same table as I had before but it will do for now. I am still lacking a ruler though. so for now I'm just going to focus on stop motions. I also will at least get the intros ready for some reviews (those sometimes take more time than the reviews themselves lol )

I will be posting a very easy/short stop motion here soon by next week. (yes I'm actually going to give myself a deadline this time since I have PLENTY of free time)

It  will be called something like "What do you want"   I will ask you "what stop motion would you like me to do next"? -----and then I will show 10 or so second sample clips of suggestions and what they could look like. For example I'm thinking of re-making the Goku vs Vegeta stop motion (this time with chroma keyed backgrounds and no strings hahaha) If you have seen my Goku Vs Cell stop motion, you should know how much my skills have progressed and it should be quit awesome to redo it don't you think? =)   but there are several ways I'm thinking of redoing it. I would like to put goku and vegeta in a grand canyon setting like when goku and vegeta originally fought in season 2. But they will still be in the timeline of super saiyans and it will pretty much follow the way it did in my actual "goku vs vegeta" video. I could either green-screen cartoon captures of that particular location just as the cartoon. or part of me wants to put them in REAL life locations. I know i can pull this off. I'd have more options and flexibility if i did it that way.

 But the problem is that this fight is supposed to be a continuation of an original story I have written. and in that continuing story will have to show kami tower and other scenes from the cartoon....grrrrr.see this is why i need opinions. I cannot make up my mind.
        OR Maybe you want to see Android 16 Vs Goku? I have a REALLY great script written for that as well. (will show new sample in video form)
         OR should I continue the Goku vs Piccolo fight? (will show new sample in video form)
       Or maybe do a completely different video entirely and/or of a different cartoon series?
Continue part 2 of TMNT?????    sorry X-MEN and WWF is still gonna have to wait. My expensively made arena crowd was damaged during all my moves and I need money to fix it. X-MEN has to wait until I get the DVDs that came out not to long ago for voice samples and backgrounds.

Ok I think this post is long enough and about too many subjects in one posting. HA! I told you I had trouble wording my thoughts! lol    I will have to do separate postings from now on. Anyway. thanks for checking this out. Be sure to follow me here and please feel free to give me constructive feedback or suggestions here. I'm brand new to blogger I have not a clue what I'm doing here.
Thanks again! See you on youtube =)

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  1. I vote continue TMNT since it probably be simpler than DBZ (not as action/fight oriented) and you've already started such a good story in "The Schizoltry Tyranium Crystal"

    Best wishes on your housing situation, dude, that sounds kind of rough!


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