Thundercats Classic 8" Lion-O Action Figure Review

Thundercats Classic 8" Lion-O Bandai 2011 This review was a pain to put together. There was soo much to go over. And the video was orignally around 9 minuets long. But I cut alot of parts out for flow and editing reasons. I might post a quick clip of things that wer cut. check back soon. Overall a really great figure. I like its appearance more than anything else. And i'm sooo glad bandai didnt make it with some stupid gimmicks. a.k.a -press button to kick spring loaded action type of crap. This figure has just about everything I would want in a Lion-O figure. I'm very happy they got him right. Structure is a little odd in a few places, but it just takes getting use to and you just gotta be careful with it. (ages 4+) yeah right......

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